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March 29, 2017
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When your teeth are chipped or crooked, or you have a missing tooth, it's hard to feel good about your smile. Bowie, MD, family dentists cosmetic dentistryDr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari discuss a few treatments that will help transform your smile.

Dental veneers

Do you have a small, yet very noticeable, chip on a tooth? Adding a dental veneer to the front of the tooth will make that small flaw go away. Veneers are tooth-shaped shells that are just about as thick as a fingernail. They're available in a variety of shades, making it simple to match the shade of your teeth exactly. Veneers offer a good solution for many imperfections in teeth and not only hide the flaws you don't want to share with the world, but can also close gaps between teeth, whiten teeth or make a tooth a little longer. Veneers are attached to your teeth with dental cement and hardened with a curing light.

Dental implants

Losing a tooth alters your appearance and may also weaken your jawbone, making facial sagging and the loss of additional teeth a possibility. Because dental implants act as replacement roots, they perform all of the functions of natural roots, including applying the pressure on the jawbone required to keep it strong. The implants bond to your jawbone and support one or more artificial teeth called crowns. You can even take advantage of this innovative tooth restoration option if you've lost all of your teeth.


Metal braces offer an excellent way to straighten your teeth and improve your bite, but they aren't exactly subtle. Luckily, there's another option available today. Invisalign correct most mild to moderate orthodontic problems without metal wires and brackets. The system relies on a series of aligner trays to reposition your teeth. The clear trays never call attention to the fact you're improving your smile and can be removed when you eat. Each set of trays exerts gentle pressure that realigns your teeth. You'll wear the trays for about two weeks before starting a new set.

Can you benefit from any of these services? Call Bowie, MD, family dentists Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari at (301) 809-0029 to schedule your appointment.

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February 06, 2017
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Want a healthier smile? Poor dental hygiene can lead to several issues such as cavities, periodontal disease, tooth loss and infections. oral hygieneOmni Dental Group, which is located in Bowie, MD, offers a full range of dental services. Read on to find out what your dental regimen should consist of.

Proper Brushing

Brushing regularly is one of the best ways to keep our gums and teeth healthy. You should brush at least twice a day for 2 minutes each time. Start from the gum, and go up and down in circular, up-and-down motions. For the vast majority of people, a soft-bristled brush will be the safest and most comfortable choice. 

Daily Flossing

Dental floss is used to remove food and plaque from between teeth in areas a brush is unable to reach. The ADA recommends flossing once a day. This is important because dental plaque that's not removed by flossing and brushing will eventually harden into tartar. Flossing also helps to prevent cavities and periodontal disease.

Using Mouthwash

If you want to do something healthy for your gums and teeth, make mouth rinsing part of your daily routine. Therapeutic mouthwashes can help reduce plaque and tartar, periodontal disease and tooth decay. When selecting a mouthwash, look for products that carry the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which have been tested for their safety and effectiveness.

Cleaning Your Tongue

Don’t forget to brush your tongue, too. Brushing your tongue helps remove plaque, which can encourage bacteria growth and cause bad breath. Brush your tongue from back to front. Put some toothpaste on your toothbrush when you do this.

Seeing Your Bowie Dentist

The ADA recommends children and adults visit the dentist every six months for exams and dental cleanings. Some individuals may need to see the dentist every few months. Regular visits will get you on the road to good oral health.

Good oral hygiene is important to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. To keep your oral health on track, call Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD at (301) 809-0029 today to schedule your dental appointment. Everyone deserves a healthy smile!

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December 15, 2016
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Could a dental implant give you back the smile you once had? It’s time to find out.

Dental implants are a pretty amazing solution for your tooth loss and we are pretty sure you will agree. After all, there is no other tooth dental implantsreplacement like this one. It offers a host of benefits that other treatment options like dentures or bridges just can’t. From the office of our Bowie, MD cosmetic dentists, Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari, find out how implants can replace your missing teeth for life.

Dental implants are an amazing way to close the gap left by missing teeth to give you a full smile once more. Tooth loss can cause serious issues for your smile such as bone loss and misalignments. It can even make chewing or speaking more challenging, and not getting the proper nutrients in your diet can affect your overall health, as well.

But dental implants offer a permanent solution, so say goodbye to tooth loss. An implant is a small metal post or screw that functions like tooth roots. Our Bowie general dentist will even surgically position the implant into the jawbone where over time the bone and implant will naturally bond together. Once they have fused together the implant is there to stay (if, of course, you properly maintain and care for it. Maintaining a healthy smile is key!).

A dental implant can support everything from a single dental crown or even a full set of dentures, depending on the severity of your tooth loss. Plus, filling that gap with an artificial tooth means that other teeth won’t shift out of alignment. And as if this wasn’t enough of a reason to get implants, you’ll be happy to hear that implants also preserve the health of the jawbone since they stimulate the growth of new bone cells.

Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD is ready to help you get your smile back on track. If you want to get dental implants then it’s time to book a consultation with us. We would be more than happy to find out whether your smile is right for implants.

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October 14, 2016
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What your dentist in Bowie wants you to know about caring for porcelain veneers

If you’ve decided on porcelain veneers, you’ve made an excellent choice guaranteed to give you many years of sparkling, beautiful veneerssmiles. You may be wondering how to take care of your new porcelain veneers. Do you have to do anything special to clean your veneers? Is there anything you shouldn’t do? Your dentists at Omni Dental Group in Bowie, Maryland want to help sort out the do’s and don’ts of caring for your new veneers.

Porcelain veneers don’t pick up stains the way natural teeth do. This makes them an excellent choice for smokers and coffee drinkers who still want a beautiful white smile. The high-tech materials used to make porcelain veneers also make them strong, but there are still some lifestyle issues you need to avoid with porcelain veneers. Remember:

  • Don’t use your teeth as tools for opening packages or tearing open things.
  • Don’t bite into hard foods like candy, and don’t bite your fingernails or chew ice.
  • If you play contact sports or activities, always wear an appropriate mouthguard.

If you know that you grind your teeth at night, stop in and visit your dentists in Bowie as soon as possible to be fitted with a nightguard. Grinding or clenching can be damaging to your veneers, so protect them with a nightguard as soon as you can.

You can clean your porcelain veneers just like your natural teeth, however, it’s best to avoid abrasive toothpastes. Toothpastes for sensitive teeth are best. Ask your dentist before using whitening or tartar control toothpastes on your veneers.

You might consider getting a sonic or electric toothbrush because vibrating toothbrushes are an effective tool for daily oral care. You should also floss at least once each day.

Even if you practice excellent oral care, it’s vital to visit your dentists in Bowie regularly, once every 6 months for professional cleanings, and at least yearly for an exam and x-rays. Your hygienist will examine your gums to look for irritation, and polish your veneers with a mild, non-abrasive paste to keep them sparkling. Your dentists will check for any problems with your veneers.

You will get the most out of your investment if you take excellent care of your porcelain veneers. You don’t have to care for your veneers alone when help is just a phone call away. Call your dentists at Omni Dental Group in Bowie, Maryland today to find out more about caring for your porcelain veneers!

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August 05, 2016
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Not sure if Invisalign is the right choice to correct your overbite or other orthodontic problem? Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari, your Bowie, MD dentists, are here to share information about Invisalign and describe the dental issues it treats.Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the perfect brace system for people who want to straighten their teeth or correct an orthodontic issue, but don't want to wear traditional braces. Invisalign doesn't rely on wires and brackets attached to the teeth to improve alignment. Instead, you'll wear a series of clear aligner trays that can be removed for short periods when you eat or attend special events. Every two weeks, you'll begin wearing another new set of aligners.

What issues does Invisalign correct?

Invisalign corrects the same issues as traditional brace systems. Although it's not recommended for severe issues, Invisalign offers excellent results if you have mild to moderate orthodontic problems, including:

  • Overbite: An overbite occurs when your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth. An overbite may make you feel self-conscious about your smile and can increase your risk of jaw or gum problems if it isn't corrected.
  • Underbite: Your lower teeth protrude farther than your upper teeth when you have an underbite. The issue can cause jaw problems and abnormal wear on your teeth.
  • Crowding: Crowding is easily relieved by using the Invisalign aligners. Your dentist uses X-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth to create a series of aligners that will correct your problem.
  • Gaps: Gaps are not only unsightly but can also increase your risk of developing gum disease. The Invisalign system slowly closes spaces and improves the appearance of your smile.
  • Open Bite: All of your upper teeth don't make contact with your lower teeth if you have an open bite, which can cause trouble chewing or speaking clearly.
  • Crossbite: Crossbites occur when you have alignment problems in both your upper and lower jaws. Chewing can be difficult or painful if you have a crossbite. You may also experience gum disease, tooth erosion or bone loss if you don't correct the problem.

Contact Your Bowie, MD Dentists

Are you interested in learning more about Invisalign? Call Dr. Aalemansour, Dr. Baik and Dr. Esfandiari, your Bowie, MD dentists, at (301) 809-0029 to schedule an appointment. Transform your smile with Invisalign!

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