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March 03, 2022
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Beginning good dental hygiene habits at an early age is crucial to your child’s oral health throughout their life. However, many parents may not be fully aware of what their child’s dental hygiene routine should consist of. Your dentist can help you and your child understand the best practices for a daily and long-term dental hygiene routine. Find out more about pediatric dentistry and what makes a solid at-home oral care routine important with Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD.

How often should my child see their dentist? 

The American Dental Association says that all dental patients, regardless of their age, should see the dentist twice a year for routine examinations with their dentist and cleanings performed by a dental hygienist. These regular visits allow dentists to keep track of a child’s growth and development and find and treat any issues like cavities quickly to stop them in their tracks.

How will my dentist help me instill good dental habits in my child? 

Seeing the dentist regularly from an early age has proven to instill good oral hygiene habits and reduce the chances of developing dental anxiety or dental phobia. We go above and beyond to establish a good relationship with your child, with a happy, fun environment and a kid-friendly, show-tell-do approach to introducing your child to the dentist’s office and routine check-ups.

What should my child’s daily oral care routine consist of? 

Good dental care begins before a child has any teeth at all. As an infant, children’s parents should wipe their gums with a damp, soft cloth after feedings. When their first tooth erupts, brushing twice a day with a child’s toothbrush and a tiny amount of toothpaste will keep teeth decay at bay. As the teeth grow close enough together to touch, begin helping your child floss between each tooth at least once a day.

Children’s Dentistry & You

Starting good oral hygiene habits early will benefit your child for the rest of their life. For more information on ensuring that your child is confident about their dental visits and caring for their teeth, please contact Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD. Call 301-809-0029 to schedule your child’s appointment with your dentist today!

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January 18, 2022
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Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? If you’ve recently suffered an injury causing a tooth to be knocked out, or you have a missing tooth for another reason, it can feel difficult to be proud of your smile and to share it with the world.  If you’re ready to fix a missing tooth, then Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik, and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari at Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD can help you determine the best way to fix a gap caused by a missing tooth.

How Can I Make My Smile Appealing with a Missing Tooth?

Missing teeth can happen for many reasons, ranging from sports injuries to car accidents, to just losing a tooth due to gum disease or myriad other reasons. It doesn’t matter how you lost your tooth or teeth, you just want to fix them! Fortunately, there are many remedies for a missing tooth or several missing teeth.

How Can a Missing Tooth Be fixed?

A missing tooth or teeth can be fixed in a number of ways:

  • Dental implants: Dental implants are manufactured teeth that are screwed into your jaw bone for greater functioning and to improve your smile. 
  • Veneers: Veneers can be placed over one or more teeth to create the illusion of a full smile.
  • Dentures: Both partial and full dentures can replace missing teeth.
  • Bridge: A bridge is a way to create a false tooth that is anchored to neighboring teeth to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

If you think that you might be able to improve your smile with a dental implant, bridge, veneers, or dentures, you don’t need to wait for your regular dental check-up to find out.

To schedule a dental appointment to see how you can fix a missing tooth, contact Dr. Aalemansour, Dr. Baik, and Dr. Esfandiari at Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD, at 301-809-0029. Your best smile can happen when you fill in the gap caused by a missing tooth or missing teeth.

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November 03, 2021
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Which cosmetic option should you choose: bonding or veneers?

You want to improve and enhance your smile and you’re looking to turn to our Bowie, MD, dentists Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik, and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari for cosmetic dentistry. To achieve your dream smile you may be considering either dental veneers or bonding. Here’s what you should know about these two popular cosmetic options,

About Dental Bonding

This non-invasive cosmetic procedure involves applying a tooth-colored resin directly to one or more teeth and then shaping, hardening, and polishing it to improve the appearance of a tooth. Our Bowie, MD, dental team may recommend dental bonding if you are dealing with more minor dental flaws that impact just one or two teeth rather than your whole smile. This is particularly effective for treating front teeth. With the right care, bonding can last up to a decade.

About Dental Veneers

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain layers that are adhered permanently to the front of your teeth. They are often used to cover all teeth that are visible when you smile, which makes it a great option for someone looking to get a full smile makeover. Alternatively, veneers can also be placed on a couple of teeth to improve their appearance rather than your whole smile. Veneers are a permanent cosmetic treatment that is designed to last years before needing to be replaced.

Should I get veneers or bonding?

Whether you want to get veneers or bonding, our Bowie, MD, dental team will be able to better assess your needs and determine which cosmetic option is better suited to your goals during your consultation. Here are some factors you’ll want to consider to help you determine the best cosmetic option for you,

Longevity: Veneers are considered permanent and can last up to two decades or longer with the proper care. Of course, you’ll still want to be careful when caring for your veneers so you don’t break or damage them. While bonding utilizes durable resin, medical-grade porcelain tends to be a bit more durable.

Cosmetic goals: Your smile goal is probably the biggest determining factor as to which cosmetic option is ideal. For example, those with minor chips, stains, or unevenness may get the results they want with bonding while those with more widespread issues that impact the majority of their smiles may benefit from veneers.

Procedure: While neither procedure is invasive, bonding is considered a more minimal procedure than dental veneers. Veneers do require our dental team to shave off some tooth enamel from the tooth to make room for the veneers. The good news is that this is typically performed without needing anesthesia. Bonding also rarely, if ever, requires anesthesia.

If you are looking to sit down with our Bowie, MD, dentists to discuss veneers or dental bonding, all you have to do is call Omni Dental Group at (301) 809-0029 to schedule an initial consultation with our team.

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October 08, 2021
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When you have a family, seeing a family dentist is a good option. In Bowie, MD, Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik, and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari at Omni Dental Group offer services to every member of the family.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is a practice that treats patients of all ages, from small children to the elderly. It is intergenerational. The whole family is treated at the same practice instead of having the children at a pediatric dentist. You get all your treatments, cleanings, fillings, ex-rays, and examinations in one office. Your dental practice knows your whole family and it makes your medical and dental information easier to access. Knowing the family dental history makes treating the members easier.

Having a family dentist is convenient

Everyone has a busy life and trying to schedule multiple appointments at multiple locations can get complicated. When you have a family dentist, all the appointments are at one location. You can have multiple appointments one after the other and your Bowie, MD, family dentists have hours to suit most people's schedules, including Saturday mornings.

Setting a good example for children

Children learn from what they observe. Many children are anxious when they have to visit the dentist. Seeing their parents get regular dental care at the same dental office where they go eases anxiety. It is comforting to go into a dental office where the entire staff knows the whole family.

Building a strong relationship with your dentist

When your dentist knows not only your name but the names of your family members, it leads to a stronger relationship and greater trust. Your dentist will be able to observe firsthand any dental issues that may run in the family.

Educating patients

Family dentists are uniquely qualified to help the entire family to understand the benefits of good dental hygiene and regular dental examinations and preventive treatments. They will discuss the need for brushing and flossing and fluoride treatments.

Procedures they perform

Depending on the family dentist, they may also do more complex procedures like root canals, implants, teeth whitening .and tooth extractions. They provide all the routine services you would expect as well as emergency procedures as needed. When you have a family, having a family dentist can make getting your routine cleaning and exams a more enjoyable occasion for every member of the family from the youngest to the senior citizen.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Bowie, MD, Dr. Aalemansour, Dr. Baik, and Dr. Esfandiari at Omni Dental Group offer a wide variety of services for all the family members from youngest to oldest. Call (301) 809-0029 for an appointment.

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July 19, 2021
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Many people skipped out on their routine dental visits last year. Getting a checkup twice a year is essential for your oral health, even if you don’t have any concerns. Your dentists can prevent many dental issues from developing or fix them while they are still minor because they are caught early.

Your Bowie, MD, family dentists at Omni Dental Group provide preventive care to keep your smile healthy.

Avoid Dental Issues

Your dentist will give your teeth a professional cleaning to reach all of the areas that you can’t with your toothbrush and floss. This ensures that there is no plaque or tartar built up on your teeth and prevents cavities from forming. It also keeps your teeth whiter for longer.

Catch Dental Concerns Early On

Dental problems don’t get better on their own, so you should never ignore them. Feeling pain in a tooth means that a problem has already advanced. Your dentists can check your teeth for signs of decay and gum disease. By fixing these issues as soon as they develop, you avoid bigger problems in the future. Leaving them untreated can result in infections, costly treatments, more invasive treatments, or even tooth loss.

Cancer Screening

Your dentists also use your preventive care visit to screen for oral cancer. They take a look at your gums and the other soft tissue in your mouth for any signs of cancer. Catching cancer in the early stages makes it much easier to treat and can save your life.

Has it been a while since your last appointment? Don’t wait until you feel pain or have a dental emergency. Schedule your next visit with your Bowie, MD, family dentists to keep your smile in perfect health.

Call (301) 809-0029 to schedule an appointment with your Bowie, MD, family dentists of Omni Dental Group today.

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