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January 24, 2014
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4 Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

While many of our Bowie patients do not think that losing a tooth is that critical, the long-term consequences of tooth loss can be quite serious.  Sometimes a person loses a tooth where it is not visible and they might think it isn’t such a big deal.  While you cannot see the missing tooth, it still poses a threat to your overall oral health. Dental Implants
Teeth are meant to work together as a team and when even just one is missing, your remaining teeth are in jeopardy. The effects of tooth loss, besides the cosmetic, are many and they are harmful.  To help you understand the negative effects of tooth loss, our family and cosmetic dentists at Omni Dental Group have put together 4 reasons why it is important to replace your missing teeth with dental implants

1. Aged Appearance

If you lose a tooth that is seen when you smile, your smile will lose its esthetics. In short, missing teeth are unattractive.  But what if you are missing a molar? While you might not think it shows when you smile, it still affects your overall appearance—cheeks cave in, making you look older than you are.

2. Bone Deterioration

Your tooth’s root stimulates the jawbone tissue.  Without this stimulation, your jawbone tissue can deteriorate and cause facial disfigurement.  The best prevention for this bone deterioration caused by tooth loss is dental implants in Bowie.  With the dental implants, the posts help to stimulate the jawbone and promote tissue retention.

3. Speech Complications

Teeth are vital as the structure that helps pronounce sounds.  When you lose teeth, your speech can become more difficult, which makes it harder for people to understand what you are saying. In time, this can cause hardships in your professional, social and romantic life.

4. Malocclusion/Tooth Shifting

Each tooth in your mouth shares the overall workload of chewing and biting.  With only one missing tooth, it can significantly alter your remaining teeth, causing them to move and shift. Tooth movement can cause misalignment of the front teeth, altering your smile.  It can also alter your bite—how your upper and lower teeth fit together.  And when this happens, it can lead to premature tooth wear and breakage, or even the development of TMJ disorder.
If you are missing one, two, or all of your teeth, or if you are in search of more stable dentures , call our office today to schedule a consultation for dental implants. Not everyone of our Bowie patients is a candidate for dental implants but I will work with each of you to determine the best treatment available.

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