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July 30, 2015
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Find out how you can be there for your little one when they see their Bowie family dentist for treatment.

Seeing the dentist should be part of your child’s oral care routine by the age of 1 years old. While visits to your Bowie family dentist Dr. Pediatric Siamak Aalemansour should always be positive, sometimes dental problems like cavities can make your child’s next visit anything but fun. Find out how to help your child through stressful dental procedures to make the process a little less scary.

Opt for a family dentist: It’s always best to opt for a family dentist in Bowie who actually specializes in taking care of children and teens. This means we not only have the expertise to properly care for their smiles but we also know how to tackle fearful patients. Our offices are even designed to be kid-friendly, so your little one will feel comfortable visiting us.

Promote dental health early on: One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to instill the importance of oral health early on. Once your child turns one they should be seeing their Bowie family dentist every six months for routine care. Even if they aren’t experiencing problems, they should still go twice a year. Once your child gets into the routine of seeing us this will greatly reduce their nerves when they come into our office.

Let your Bowie family dentist establish rapport: You might want to distract your child by talking to them the entire time they are in the dentist’s chair but it’s also important to let us do some of the talking, too. By getting to know your children better we are able to connect with them on a more positive level so they don’t feel so nervous around us or feel like we are strangers.

Stay close: Sometimes just having the parent hold their hand or allow them to sit on their lap can go a lot way to making your child feel more comfortable. Just having a knowing, comforting face in the room can be enough to make a nervous child feel more relaxed during their visit.

Provide distractions: Talk to us about letting your little one listen to an MP3 player or watch movies on their smartphone during their next visit. Sometimes putting in headphones and listening to their favorite show or music can distract them from their dental treatment.

Have any questions about your child’s upcoming dental procedure? Want to talk to us about other ways you can make your child’s visit smoother? Don’t hesitate to call your Bowie dentist at Omni Dental Group. We are always here to help!

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