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July 09, 2019
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Would you like to help your child reduce their risk of tooth decay? Read on to learn how sealants offered by your Bowie, MD, family dentists, Drs. Siamak Aalemansour, Fariborz Baik, and Sherwin Esfandiari, can help your son or daughter avoid cavities!

Why do children need sealants?

The tiny pits and grooves in your child's pre-molars and molars are prone to collecting plaque, making them a common site for cavities. Even if your child brushes thoroughly, it may not be possible for them to remove plaque completely, as it's difficult to reach the small grooves with toothbrush bristles. Furthermore, your child's newly erupted pre-molars and molars aren't quite as strong as yours and are more susceptible to decay.

Fortunately, sealants offer excellent protection for these teeth. Made of clear plastic resin, sealants fill in those tumultuous pits and grooves, preventing plaque from building up on the chewing surfaces.

How effective are sealants?

Sealants offer a proven way to protect your kids from cavities. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that sealants prevent 80 percent of cavities in the back teeth.

How are sealants applied to teeth?

Applying sealants to the back teeth is quick and painless. After cleaning the teeth in question, your Bowie dentist will apply an etching solution that will help the liquid solution adhere to the chewing surfaces. He'll then brush on the sealants before hardening them with a curing light—a process that only takes a few minutes.

How long will the sealants last?

Sealants will protect your child's teeth for as long as 10 years. During checkups, the dentist will check the condition of the sealants and reapply them if they've worn away or chipped. Sealants are more likely to wear away if your child grinds or clenches their teeth at night. In these cases, wearing a custom-made mouthguard provided by your dentist will not only keep the sealants in good condition, but it will also prevent tooth damage.

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