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August 14, 2014
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The first thing Bowie, MD residents notice about a person isn’t always his or her eyes or hair. Instead, it’s a smile, which can convey a message of good health and a friendly attitude. If a person’s smile does not give off a positive first impression, Dr. Siamak Aalemansour at Omni Dental Group in Bowie can help. Cosmetic Dentistry Intervention
Cosmetic dentistry services are increasingly popular for both men and women. A healthy-appearing smile boosts a patient’s confidence and creates a positive first impression that helps with everything from getting a new job to meeting someone new. Dr. Aalemansour offers services that involve making small changes to creating a dramatically different smile. The pathway to an improved smile through cosmetic dentistry interventions typically begins with a consultation at Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD. At this consultation, Dr. Aalemansour can listen to your concerns about your smile. This can include stained, chipped, cracked, small or irregularly shaped teeth.
For every cosmetic concern, Dr. Aalemansour can address it with an appropriate cosmetic dentistry intervention. In addition to discussing cosmetic dentistry options, Dr. Aalemansour will also evaluate a patient’s dental health. Because cosmetic dentistry services will last longer on healthy teeth, Dr. Aalemansour’s goal is to provide the longest-lasting cosmetic options.

Examples of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Dr. Aalemansour offers an array of cosmetic options, including bonding, which involves applying tooth-colored dental material to a tooth, which can reduce small gapped areas in the teeth or conceal a damaged tooth.
Dental veneers are another cosmetic dentistry option that offers dramatic results. Veneers are custom-made coverings for the teeth that are applied specifically to the front, top teeth. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise use veneers to create a seamless, Hollywood smile. With appropriate care, dental veneers can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years before new ones must be applied.
Professional teeth whitening and bleaching are another popular service Dr. Aalemansour offers. Even patients with years of built-up stains from foods and drinks or age-related changes can see teeth that are anywhere from six to eight shades whiter. While over-the-counter whitening preparations are available, they may only whiten teeth one to two shades and often aren’t powerful enough to remove stubborn stains.
Cosmetic dentistry has the potential to enhance many aspects of a person’s life, as they are a lasting method for creating a better first impression. For more information on cosmetic dentistry options at Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD, please call (301) 809-0029. To learn about additional services that Dr. Aalemansour offers, including Invisalign, root canal therapy and dentures, please explore our interactive website.


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