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October 08, 2021
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When you have a family, seeing a family dentist is a good option. In Bowie, MD, Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik, and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari at Omni Dental Group offer services to every member of the family.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is a practice that treats patients of all ages, from small children to the elderly. It is intergenerational. The whole family is treated at the same practice instead of having the children at a pediatric dentist. You get all your treatments, cleanings, fillings, ex-rays, and examinations in one office. Your dental practice knows your whole family and it makes your medical and dental information easier to access. Knowing the family dental history makes treating the members easier.

Having a family dentist is convenient

Everyone has a busy life and trying to schedule multiple appointments at multiple locations can get complicated. When you have a family dentist, all the appointments are at one location. You can have multiple appointments one after the other and your Bowie, MD, family dentists have hours to suit most people's schedules, including Saturday mornings.

Setting a good example for children

Children learn from what they observe. Many children are anxious when they have to visit the dentist. Seeing their parents get regular dental care at the same dental office where they go eases anxiety. It is comforting to go into a dental office where the entire staff knows the whole family.

Building a strong relationship with your dentist

When your dentist knows not only your name but the names of your family members, it leads to a stronger relationship and greater trust. Your dentist will be able to observe firsthand any dental issues that may run in the family.

Educating patients

Family dentists are uniquely qualified to help the entire family to understand the benefits of good dental hygiene and regular dental examinations and preventive treatments. They will discuss the need for brushing and flossing and fluoride treatments.

Procedures they perform

Depending on the family dentist, they may also do more complex procedures like root canals, implants, teeth whitening .and tooth extractions. They provide all the routine services you would expect as well as emergency procedures as needed. When you have a family, having a family dentist can make getting your routine cleaning and exams a more enjoyable occasion for every member of the family from the youngest to the senior citizen.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Bowie, MD, Dr. Aalemansour, Dr. Baik, and Dr. Esfandiari at Omni Dental Group offer a wide variety of services for all the family members from youngest to oldest. Call (301) 809-0029 for an appointment.


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