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By Omni Dental Group
April 15, 2021
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Invisalign provides a simple solution if you're unhappy with your crooked smile. Your dentists at Omni Dental Group offer Invisalign orthodontic treatment at their Bowie, MD, office.

Invisalign corrects smile issues discreetly

Metal braces were the only option for orthodontic treatment for many years. Today, Invisalign offers a much more subtle way to correct orthodontic problems. During your treatment, you'll wear clear, removable aligner trays that fit over your upper and lower teeth snugly. Gentle pressure is exerted on the teeth from the trays to gradually realign your teeth, eliminating the need for wires and brackets.

Invisalign treatment starts when you visit our Bowie, MD, dental office and smile for the camera. In addition to taking digital photographs, your dentist will also make a virtual impression of your teeth and take some digital X-rays. All three types of images are combined to make a 3D representation of your teeth. Manipulating the 3D image to simulate the results of your treatment plan makes it easy to design a series of trays that will slowly correct your orthodontic concerns.

4 benefits of Invisalign orthodontic treatment

Invisalign treatment offers these amazing benefits:

  • Discreet Appearance: Your transparent aligner trays are designed to blend in with your teeth and won't call unwanted attention to your smile.
  • No Adjustments Needed: You won't need any uncomfortable adjustments when you opt for Invisalign. Swapping your trays for a new set every two weeks will ensure that your teeth are moving in the right direction.
  • Convenience: You'll remove your trays when you eat, drink, brush, or floss, making food restrictions and oral hygiene changes unnecessary. You can also remove your trays for a few hours if you'll be attending a special event or playing sports.
  • Effective Treatment for Many Smile Issues: Invisalign can straighten crooked teeth, relieve crowding, close gaps and treat overbites, underbites, open bites, and crossbites. In fact, it's an excellent treat for mild-to-moderate orthodontic issues.

Are you ready to improve your smile with Invisalign? Call your Bowie, MD, dentists of Omni Dental Group, at (301) 809-0029 to schedule your appointment.

By Omni Dental Group
March 26, 2020
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You can fix your crooked smile with braces that fly under the radar.

It’s never too late to get a straight smile. In fact, it’s easier than ever before for our older patients to fix their misaligned teeth and bad bites. This is because our Bowie, MD, dentists Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari provide Invisalign treatment to teens and adults who wish to get straight smiles but without visible braces.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign doesn’t use brackets or wires to move teeth into place, just a series of clear, custom trays that are worn over teeth like mouthguards. Of course, these aligners are made from flexible and thin plastic, so they are lightweight and comfortable.

The aligners are custom-fitted to your upper and lower teeth, applying the appropriate amount of pressure to move shift teeth around. Most patients will wear anywhere from 18-30 aligners during the course of their treatment, with more minor dental issues requiring fewer aligners.

Wearing Invisalign

Many teens and adults are turning to our Bowie, MD, dentists for Invisalign because this treatment doesn’t just provide amazing results (sometimes with a faster turnaround time) but also make patients feel comfortable and confident while wearing their braces. Not only are aligners completely transparent, they are also removable. This means that the wearer can take their aligners out right before eating or caring for their teeth.

Also, if you have an important event, meeting or date, you can also choose to remove your aligners beforehand. Having an orthodontic treatment that fits into your life is incredibly important for our older patients, and Invisalign fits the bill perfectly.

Candidates for Invisalign

Most older teens and adults are great candidates for Invisalign. In fact, this treatment can handle a wide range of minor to more severe bite problems and alignment issues. Invisalign may be ideal for you if you want to correct,

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Underbites

Have questions about getting Invisalign? If so, our Bowie, MD, dentists can answer your questions and help you determine if this is the right treatment option for you. Schedule a consultation with Omni Dental Group at (301) 809-0029.

By Omni Dental Group
December 21, 2018
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Could you benefit from getting clear braces in Bowie, MD?

It’s never too late to get a beautiful smile. Even if you never had braces as a child, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get braces as an adult. In fact, there is no age or expiration date on when someone can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Of course, as you get older it’s natural to want a treatment that will fit into your lifestyle and won’t be as obvious to those around you. This is why our Bowie, MD, dentists, Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik, and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari, are pleased to offer Invisalign.

How does Invisalign work?

Instead of traditional braces, which shift teeth by using a bracket-and-wire system that is bonded to the front of your teeth, Invisalign uses different kinds of clear retainer-like devices that can move teeth into their ideal position.

Each aligner is custom-made to the measurements of your teeth and for addressing the problem or problems you wish to correct with this nearly invisible orthodontic system. Invisalign boasts a metal-free way to straighten your smile.

Who can benefit from Invisalign?

Many patients’ smiles could benefit from the Invisalign treatment offered here at our Bowie, MD, office. Are you wondering if you could be one of them?

During your consultation, we will sit down with you to discuss your treatment goals in order to make sure that Invisalign is the best approach. After all, Invisalign is able to correct a variety of simple and more complex issues, but it won’t be able to treat all problems. You may benefit from Invisalign if you have,

  • Crowding
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Open bite

If you are dealing with one or more of these issues then Invisalign may be right for you!

Your Age

We believe that you should have the smile you want no matter your age. This means that most older teens and adults are ideal candidates for Invisalign. Of course, in order for aligners to fit properly and to provide results, teeth need to have fully matured. This means that children and young teens aren’t ideal candidates for Invisalign because their teeth are still growing.

Your Commitment to Treatment

One benefit of getting Invisalign is that aligners are removable, which means you can remove them before eating and brushing your teeth; however, you still want to wear your aligners as much as possible throughout the day so you can actually get results. If you may be tempted to remove your aligners quite regularly then this may not be the best treatment option for you.

Interested? Give Us a Call!

Are you ready to learn more about Invisalign treatment and how it could benefit your smile specifically? Call Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD, today at (301) 809-0029 and let us know that you are interested in getting Invisalign.

By Omni Dental Group
June 08, 2017
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You don’t need metal braces in order to fix your crooked smile.invisalign

By adulthood, most people assume that they will have gone through all those awkward years of acne breakouts and metal braces. Of course, not everyone is able to get braces as a child or teenager, which means that they face crooked teeth as an adult. If you are tired of people looking at your smile rather than noticing you, our Bowie, MD, dentists Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Bail and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari might have the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is Invisalign?

You’ve probably seen ads and commercials talking about Invisalign, but what is it really? Instead of applying metal to the front of your teeth for the whole world to see, our Bowie, MD, general dentists will provide you with your very own unique set of clear aligners that are custom-made to fit right over your teeth. Each aligner is specially crafted to apply the right amount of pressure to your teeth to begin moving them into the proper position.

What problems can Invisalign fix?

While traditional braces can fix your misalignments and malocclusions, Invisalign may not be able to tackle all issues because this system works a bit differently than regular bracket-and-wire braces. Of course, crooked or overlapping teeth, gaps between teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites and open bites can often be treated with Invisalign aligners. When you come in for your consultation, our Bowie, MD, general dentist will be able to better determine whether your smile is a good candidate for this orthodontic system.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Just knowing that you’ll wear clear aligners instead of cumbersome metal over your teeth is reason enough for most adults to choose Invisalign. Of course, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Removable aligners, which make it easier to continue eating and drinking whatever you want throughout the course of your treatment. Brushing and flossing also won’t change, since you can remove your aligners prior to cleaning your teeth and gums.
  • A faster treatment is also possible with Invisalign as compared to traditional braces.
  • You’ll also get to see a computer mockup of the results you’ll achieve with Invisalign, so you will get an idea, even before you get your aligners, of what your smile will look like after Invisalign.
  • You don’t have to come into our office for checkups as often as you would with traditional braces.
  • Aligners are made from a special thermoplastic, so they are more comfortable and less likely to irritate the gums than metal braces.

Omni Dental Group in Bowie, MD, is ready to help you get that straighter smile, whether you choose to do so with invisible aligners or traditional braces. Schedule your consultation with us today.

By Omni Dental Group
August 05, 2016
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Not sure if Invisalign is the right choice to correct your overbite or other orthodontic problem? Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Dr. Fariborz Baik and Dr. Sherwin Esfandiari, your Bowie, MD dentists, are here to share information about Invisalign and describe the dental issues it treats.Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the perfect brace system for people who want to straighten their teeth or correct an orthodontic issue, but don't want to wear traditional braces. Invisalign doesn't rely on wires and brackets attached to the teeth to improve alignment. Instead, you'll wear a series of clear aligner trays that can be removed for short periods when you eat or attend special events. Every two weeks, you'll begin wearing another new set of aligners.

What issues does Invisalign correct?

Invisalign corrects the same issues as traditional brace systems. Although it's not recommended for severe issues, Invisalign offers excellent results if you have mild to moderate orthodontic problems, including:

  • Overbite: An overbite occurs when your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth. An overbite may make you feel self-conscious about your smile and can increase your risk of jaw or gum problems if it isn't corrected.
  • Underbite: Your lower teeth protrude farther than your upper teeth when you have an underbite. The issue can cause jaw problems and abnormal wear on your teeth.
  • Crowding: Crowding is easily relieved by using the Invisalign aligners. Your dentist uses X-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth to create a series of aligners that will correct your problem.
  • Gaps: Gaps are not only unsightly but can also increase your risk of developing gum disease. The Invisalign system slowly closes spaces and improves the appearance of your smile.
  • Open Bite: All of your upper teeth don't make contact with your lower teeth if you have an open bite, which can cause trouble chewing or speaking clearly.
  • Crossbite: Crossbites occur when you have alignment problems in both your upper and lower jaws. Chewing can be difficult or painful if you have a crossbite. You may also experience gum disease, tooth erosion or bone loss if you don't correct the problem.

Contact Your Bowie, MD Dentists

Are you interested in learning more about Invisalign? Call Dr. Aalemansour, Dr. Baik and Dr. Esfandiari, your Bowie, MD dentists, at (301) 809-0029 to schedule an appointment. Transform your smile with Invisalign!

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